*Important Appointment Booking Update for Dr. Brophy & Dr. Lilly's Patients

Flu shot bookings are now available!

ATTENTION Patients of Dre. Caissie:

Please direct all communication and requests for appointments to Dr. Caissie's new office at:

https://www.stjfmc.ca/index.php or 613-830-1298

Online Portal Access for patients of Dr. Brophy & Dr. Lilly:

Via the portal you can:

  • View your messages and any documents that have been sent to you

  • Review your appointments

  • Book new appointments

  • Modify or change existing appointments (in person appointments cannot be booked online or changed online at this time)

  • Cancel appointments (must be greater than 48 hours notice to do this online)

Bookmark this new link after clicking below (or copy this into your address bar: https://yourhealthvotresante.inputhealth.com/portal#login )

Your Health Votre Sante Patient Portal

Online Portal Access for Dr. Donohue's patients:

  • For online booking, please continue to use the link here (or go to the Book Online page)

  • For sending messages, documents, or pictures, please continue to use the Wellx email Portal

COVID-19 NOTICE (updates posted as they become available)

Update on Masks

Masks are required at our clinic.

Our personnel and physicians continue to wear masks to protect themselves, their family members, and you.

Adults and children age 4 and older must continue to wear a face mask. (a paper face mask or a cloth mask with a paper filter). It should cover your nose and mouth. Your mask should remain on for your entire office visit and while you are in our office building.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 (check here: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment/), are awaiting test results, of have been identified as a high risk contact, please call our office. Leave a voicemail with us, and do not come in for your appointment. Our staff will contact you within 1 business day. You will also receive a screening questionnaire the day of your appointment.

For your in-person appointment, please arrive a few minutes early and come up to the waiting room.

Physical distancing protocols must be followed.


If you do not have an in-office appointment, do not come to the clinic.

For in-office appointments, only 1 caregiver per patient is allowed (e.g. parent and child).

Remember that you must complete the self-assessment for COVID-19 before any in-office appointment.

** If your screen is positive, DO NOT come for your in-office appointment**

You should follow the recommendations on the self-assessment.

You should call our office to cancel your in-office appointment.

IMPORTANT NOTICE For Dr. Clement's and Dr. Nguyen's Patients:

Dr. Clement and Dr. Nguyen no longer practice at YHVS and neither have a family practice at another location.

To have your medical records transferred, please contact: