Important update COVID-19 From Your Health Votre Sante

First, thank you for following advice about COVID-19.

Remember that all visits are by appointment only.

You must contact us first.

Do NOT come to the clinic if you do not have an appointment

We are working.

Visits are by videoconference or telephone.

The Ontario Medical Association has put together a great website about COVID-19, which should answer many of the questions that you have.

The webpage is:

Please sign up on the OMA webpage to receive updates about COVID-19.

Our website,, is kept up to date with information about our office and COVID-19

Here are some answers to other frequently asked questions:


When do I need to see my doctor?

-We do have cases of COVID-19 cases in our region.

If you have any symptoms of fever, cough, or shortness of breath, we need to assume that you have a contagious illness.

This may be the common cold, but it could be COVID-19.

You should isolate yourself at home away from family and friends until you are symptom free for 24 hours.

If you have fever or cough or shortness of breath, please complete this self-assessment

For questions please book an appointment online at:

or you can phone the office 613-366-7557 to schedule a phone/video appointment.



I’m not sure if I need to be assessed.

To check on COVID-19 symptoms and next steps, please use this self-assessment for COVID-19

-If you have cough and/or fever and are unsure whether you need to be assessed, be aware that most coughs are likely to be from other viruses and not from COVID-19.

The treatment for these is rest, fluids, and the usual treatments for fever.

Please use only acetaminophen (not ibuprofen or naproxen)

If your fever is not reducing with acetaminophen, please contact us by phone at 613-366-7557.



I have other concerns about my health, can I still get an appointment?

-Yes, you can still get an appointment.

Appointments are available:

• in a phone appointment or

• in a video appointment or

• at the office only if approved by your MD

Appointments at the office are limited.

These are booked only after a phone/video appointment with your doctor.

For in-office appointments, if you are accompanying someone for the visit (for example, your child), only 1 caregiver per patient is permitted to attend.

Adults should come alone for in-office appointments except If a caregiver is needed.

We are trying to reduce appointments at the office as we expect that this will help to limit the spread of COVID-19.



I need my medications renewed, can I get an appointment for this?

-Yes, in general these will be scheduled as phone or video visits.

Please book an appointment online at:

or you can phone the office 613-366-7557 to schedule a phone/video appointment.



Can I be tested for COVID-19?

Tests are not available at our office.

For more information on testing, check the website of your Public Health Unit



What can I do to prevent COVID-19?

Infection prevention:

• Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

If you do not have access to soap and water use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer

• Wash your hands immediately before you eat

• Do not touch your face.

• Cover your cough.

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing. Discard tissue immediately into a closed bin.

• Use ‘social distancing’: do not go to events where there will be large numbers of people (concerts, conferences, sporting events.). Keep 2 metres (6 feet) away from other people.

• Avoid close contact with people who are sick. Stay home when you are sick

• Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.



Should I be avoiding large gatherings?


We know that many local groups including religious groups have cancelled events and we agree that this is wise.

You want to do whatever you can over the coming weeks to avoid unnecessary contact with others.

Social distancing does NOT mean that you must stay inside your home.

When outdoors, keep 2 metres (6 feet) from other people.



Should I travel?


We are HIGHLY discouraging patients from traveling outside of Canada.

If you do end up traveling, you should self-isolate at home for 14 days upon arrival back to Canada.



Should I visit my family member in a nursing home or retirement home?

Please review the advice from your Public Health Unit and check with the staff at the nursing home or retirement home.



What is my public health unit?

-We have 4 public health units in the Champlain region.

Please find yours here and sign up for their updates:



How will I learn about updates to these policies?

-Updates will also be posted on our website.

For up to date information on COVID-19 please see:

-The OMA website

-The Ottawa Public Health website.

You can also follow Ottawa Public Health on Twitter or FaceBook.

-The Public Health Ontario website:



We are all in this together.

Some people in our 'neighbourhood' are isolated.

Please be their neighbour.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance in stopping the spread of COVID-19.


The Your Health Votre Sante Team